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Parsley - Seed & Pot Starter Kit

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Parsley is a versatile, easy-to-grow herb which you can use in a variety of cuisines. With little more than lots of light and regular watering, you'll find yourself with a pot full of bright green (and tasty!) foliage. If you're growing parsley indoors, be sure to pick the sunniest spot you can find - they don't mind growing indoors, but the more sun the better!  

Once your parsley seedling has grown to about 5cm, simply fill the terracotta pot with soil and plant the whole 'starter' pot, seedling and all, into the terracotta pot!

Your grow kit will contain:

  • 1 x Parsley seed packet.
  • 1 x Coir starter pot.
  • 1 x Peat soil pellet. 
  • 1 x Classic terracotta planter pot (13cm wide x 13cm tall).

 *potting soil for terracotta pot not included - this saves you plenty of money in postage!

Botanical name: Petroselinum ssp.

Type: Biennial.

Sun/shade: Full sun.

When to sow seeds: spring or early autumn.

Harvest: ready after 6 weeks from seed germination.

Height: 20 - 40cm tall.